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Chiedu Oraka

Chiedu Oraka

Chiedu Oraka is a UK rapper residing out of the city of Hull (HU6). Chiedu prides him self on being distinctive and different from his peers. Chiedu style isn’t something that can be described easily due to the fact he does not really fit into the stereotype of your current everyday rapper but what he does bring to the table is a fair reflection of a young black man growing up and living in a northern city like hull. His lyrics and flows tell stories and paint pictures with no cut backs or falsification. Chiedu Oraka has number of influences in and out side of music ranging from Nas, Lauryn Hill, TLC and Tupac Shakur to The Specials, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Chris Eubank Snr. So far it has been a great year for the urban culture in the UK and Chiedu feels that its his time to get a piece of the action there isnt really a northern artist from Yorkshire flying the flag and representing but thats something that is about to change. Do not sleep on this guy because you might not wake up happy.

Chiedu Oraka’s “I’m From a City” is an honest account of his experience growing up in the city which will be City of Culture in 2017 (itv news)

WorkRate finds Chiedu Oraka at an interesting junction between youth and experience. He’s entertaining ambition and self-doubt; he’s loving and aggressive. It’s clear he’s on an interesting journey. It seems fair to say that he hasn’t arrived quite yet, but this EP is a frequently inspiring listen (This is Hull).

A RAPPER is aiming to reverse negative perceptions about Hull with a new music video released to celebrate everything good about the city (Hull Daily Mail)



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