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Every Tuesday at The Polar Bear

Free Entry – 9pm to 2am

The Sesh News

Humber Street Sesh 2015 – Official Video by Lauri Showler

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Humber Street Sesh 2015 – Video by Mark Richardson

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Frayed Magazine @ HSS 2015 Video by Josh Moore

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Humber Street Sesh 2014 – Official Video

This is the Official Humber Street Sesh 2014 video, courtesy of Laurence Showler, commissioned through ‘Art Sesh’, which was partly funded by the Arts Council and The Heritage Fund, to capture the Festival in all it’s glory.

Humber Street Sesh 2014: A Short Film

Courtesy of Mark Richardson, who kindly over a period of a few months, interviewed some of the key players involved with The Humber Street Sesh Festival and asked the question of what The Sesh means to them.

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