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Friends – Art

Friends - Art
A Different Hull

An alternative look at our city, and the things it has to offer. Free publications, interviews, articles and a whole lot more, spotlighting art, music,, creativity all with a sense of humour.

Art Link Hull

Artlink Hull supports the creation and exploration of art with, in, and about communities. In particular, we work with individuals and communities experiencing disadvantage to increase the diversity of voices in the arts. We do this through art commissions, projects, exhibitions, events, learning programmes, and forums, working with a range of communities. Since our establishment in 1982, Artlink Hull has been continually involved in the development of community participatory and socially-engaged art practices, and remains a key organisation in the Humber region within these fields. Our building on Princes Avenue features a beautiful gallery space, a versatile art Workshop, a large an airy Event Space, a Shop and a small Studio. Most of these spaces are available for hire, for events such as meetings, exercise activities, seminars, arts activities or private functions. Contact us for further details.

Bankside Gallery Hull

The Bankside Gallery story reads almost like a film script. It’s the tale of an international street art superstar, a city’s response to their work and an underground artistic subculture leaping out of the shadows to paint themselves a spotlight. Galvanised to bring colour into forgotten corners of the city, the work of Hull’s graffiti artists is now transforming part of Hull’s industrial zone in a way that, to those in the know, it has done for decades. The difference now is, this time, it’s legal. And it’s accessible to members of the public. An open-air legal art gallery has been created, one that is inspiring all ages and becoming a tourist attraction in its own right. Business owners have volunteered their walls to be filled with colour and artwork, artists have been rushing to showcase their work and feedback from members of the public has been overwhelmingly positive. Bankside Gallery street art quarter is growing by the week.


GROUND is a Gallery, Studios, Events space, Book / Zine shop, library, and printing press, residing at 60 Beverley Road near Hull City Centre.

Juice Studios

Set to open in Summer 2019 on Humber Street, Hull. Juice Studios sets out to provide high quality, artist studios that support the development and growth of the visual arts in Hull. Offering a combination of mixed-use space that include artists’ studios, a project room and shared working facilities. We’re still finalising the details but please register your interest on the website and when details such as sizes, facilities and costs are available you’ll be the first to know!

Something Entirely Different

Showcasing, promoting and providing platforms for the creative side of Hull through magazines, comics, artist spotlights, gigs, live painting events and more.

Spray Creative

Spray Creative is a collective of aerosol artists within the Hull and East Yorkshire district. We are a collective of artists for hire, catering to the needs of the creative market whether that be corporate branding or marketing, delivering workshops, signage or large scale murals. As individual creatives we have painted and represented the Hull graffiti art scene for many years, this then lead us to believe that there was a demand and opportunity to turn our passion and lifestyle into a potential business adventure.

The Creative and Cultural Company

The Creative & Cultural Company is proud to be based in Hull the UK City of Culture 2017. We are a charitable, inclusive arts development organisation.

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