Sesh Gallery Here’s a collection of some of our favourite photos from The Sesh over the last 16 years.

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We’ve been very fortunate to work alongside some incredible photographers from the City of Hull. To name check all is impossible, but we must say thanks to the legend that is Darren Rogers (Ocular Art) who has provided us with quality Photos from The Sesh since 2002, and to all that have followed in his footsteps ever since : Sean Rogers, Shona Singleton (A Polaroid Dream), James Reid, Luke Hallett, Lucy Cullingworth, Louie Scott (Burning Heart Photography), Nicolai Gamelu Schwartz and many more.

Our current Photographer is the insanely talented Daniel Andrew Pahlen. We thank them all for their skills, and for allowing us to use their amazing portfolio of photos from The Sesh on this site, and on the screens at the night itself weekly. Please have a look in our Friends section for links to their own personal websites.

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