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What People Say To me the Sesh epitomises local music. Through the years I must have played the equivalent of The Sesh in every city in the UK, and no other local band night has come close. When I was in a band in Hull, the Sesh gave us a platform to meet all the other local bands and create priceless memories. My favourite being ‘Baggot’ of Turismo jumping from the speakers, whilst people were climbing through the windows to get in, landing on Hobbo the drummer whilst playing live.

Lawrence Needham (The Landaus) The Sesh is a vital part of Hull’s music scene. Like most great things, its importance will not be really understood until it has gone and people can see the enormity of the hole it has left behind. Look after it.

Ted Robinson – (Thank Pablo – Ex Hull Daily Mail and legendary Sweet & Sour Promoter) “You got a demo,” was Mak’s response. “No, but please give us a chance, we are called The Neat and we’re looking to start gigging.” 2 Weeks later we played The Sesh. This was The Neat’s first ever gig. 3 Months later we were playing Leeds Festival, and Mak was oozing booze in our tent. 4 Years later The Neat have released 3 official singles and toured extensively. If it wasn’t for the faith and more importantly the trust Mak shows in young bands, many sounds of Hull would never be heard. His love for local music is second to none, he is damn cool and I love his shiny head. Long Live The Sesh !!

Mez (The Neat)

The Sesh has been a stomping ground for many bands over the years and many people have cut their teeth growing up, going to The Linnet on a Tuesday night. It seems as though The Sesh has always been around and hopefully it always will be.

Fegz (Fire – The Unstoppable Force)

Not only has the Sesh provided our city with FREE quality live music for an incredible 10 years, the night has given myself and literally hundreds of other bands a platform upon which to play to a crowd of all kinds of ages and backgrounds. There are very few places in the country, let alone Hull, that manage to provide everything the Sesh does.

Lewis Young (The Glass Delusion) Ten years in which Bands have come and gone but good friends remain through the pure love of music and raw talent. No one isolated, no one pedestalled, just equals in mixed genres of music showcased for all to enjoy. Thanks Mark for the last ten years and here’s to hoping there’s many more yet.

Daniel Tonkin (Go Go Kings)

Over the years we played some great gigs at the Sesh, the one that springs to mind is the Boxing Day special. The crowed went mental and we had to stop after six songs cause the fruit machine went over! Mak had our backs and they let us play again !!

Lloyd Dobbs (The Paddingtons) People take the Sesh for granted, but it is there week in, week out, regularly entertaining a busy audience. It survived the Brit-Punk scene of the Noughties and I would dare it will see a few more come and go. Respect to Mak for putting a ten year dedication into the Sesh.

Rory Mansfield (Mollusc Records) Mak, the organiser behind the Sesh has created a night which I would say is one of the most important new music nights in the UK. It sets the bar for many promoters and venues to live up to, for bringing new artists to an open minded audience. I am very proud to say my first gig with The Talks was at The Sesh, and we have loved playing shows there every time we’ve gone back. There is always a brilliant crowd, brilliant atmosphere and a great sense of community. The Sesh isn’t just a live music night. It has also created endless opportunities for all the artists to unite and build a kicking music scene. Like the 100 club in London or the Hacienda in Manchester. I know it’s going to go down in history as something very special, that everyone will talk about for years to come.

Pat Pretorious (The Talks) The Sesh is simply the most important music night in Hull! How the hell did a Tuesday night become so popular?… Because of Mak’s passion! Love u big man!

Paul Baggot (Turismo)

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