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Asio’s Eyes

Asio’s Eyes Formed in 2011, Asio’s Eyes have been writing and self-releasing music to an ever-growing fanbase in the North of England. Entwining celestial guitar lines, ethereal three part harmonies with grooving bass and off kilter rhythms with organic emotional delivery.

With three EP’s under their cosmic belt (‘Only a Colour’ in 2012, ‘Once a Dream Did Weave a Shade’ in 2013 & ‘Inside the Blue’ in 2015 ) they plan to travel through time and space releasing more music. and more. and more. and more.

Their third EP, ‘Inside the Blue’, is available to download on our Soundcloud. You can also purchase a physical copy from us at shows. “Asio’s Eyes are quite simply one of the most original and inspiring unsigned bands you will ever clap eyes and ears upon. With a wonderfully escapist sound that blends esoteric world rhythms and harmonies with a hint of 80’s Indie. Asio’s Eyes will spirit you away into the cosmos. An absolute must-see for fans of new music” – Galtres Parklands festival “Murky, jazzy, trippy psych-indie doesn’t come more soulful, more evocatively than this. Asio’s Eyes combine world influences with emotionally intelligent delivery to blissful effect” – ‘One & Other’ Magazine

Ambien American Express “Asio’s Eyes mash up a load of evocative world influences with some straightforward UK guitar music craft to create pleasantly trippy songs that take you well and truly out of the room.” – Nichely Does It

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