Buy Cheap Generic Ambien A Hull born, 4 piece post-punk outfit, debuting in 2019. Autosuggestion produce a captivating, energetic sound that belies their age with calculated lyricism and pummeling instrumentation.

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“Autosuggestion is loud and confident – bass heavy, melodic and totally enthralling… a dense mesh of raw post punk that thrills this swelling audience” -Louder than War. Full article here: “Its raw. It’s powerful. There’s lots of tribal drumming. There’s also lots of anger and energy and lots to get excited about.” – New Music Social. Full article here: “Autosuggestion offered an intriguing mix of equal parts Joy Division and My Bloody Valentine with their own, specific Northern twang that creates enough originality to avoid what could easily be a messy mix of two pretty worn-out styles of post punk. They had the crowd where they wanted them throughout the set”- New Sounds.

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