Bete Noire

Bete Noire Bete Noire were formed in London early 2013.

Buy Ambien Online Australia They currently have 2 tracks available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, and are now working on more recordings. Bete Noire are performing regularly in London, gathering many new admirers. Recent venues include The Macbeth (supporting Bernard Butler), The Waiting Room, The Old Blue Last (NME show), Notting Hill Arts Club, Buffalo Bar (supporting Blurt), The Queen of Hoxton (supporting Tripwires).

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Buy Zolpidem Tartrate ‘Welcome Bete Noire…or if, like us, you ne parl pas de Francais ‘Black Beast’ – you dirty big post-punk, er, thing. This five-piece London group’s debut single ‘Shut Your Mouth’ is by turns menacing and melancholy then melodic and manthemic. What do you mean ‘manthemic’ isn’t a word? Durrr, it means anthems for men. Bete Noire also up their punk credentials for having a proper grainy sounding demo, like back in the day, authentic 80s style.’ ‘Channelling the guttural, doom-riddled rage of ’80s legends like Joy Division or Magazine….There’s a dark, menacing swagger within their sound. As basslines canoodle with serrated axe licks, the throbbing confidence of vocalist David M. Hargreaves may as well be socking you in the gullet. The quintet have a propensity for loudness, bitterness, anthemic pop hooks and malevolent magnificence.’


go to link “Matching the glamorous melancholy of early Interpol to the intensity of The Fall, a frenetic piece of distorted, black clad rock ‘n’ roll” Clash Magazine

click here “Bete Noire serve up millennial post-punk in the style of Interpol and Bloc Party” NME



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