Every Tuesday at The Polar Bear

FREE ENTRY, 18+, DJs until 2.30am

Craig Dearing Band

Craig Dearing Band Back in 2008 Hull saw Liberty Stands, a rock influenced band that grabbed Hull’s music scene by the scruff of the neck. Now year’s later, front man Craig Dearing has been performing his solo work all around the city since 2013. His debut gig at The Sesh on 4th February 2014 quickly got people talking about him, alongside his EP titled “Anxiety”. Reviews from all over England have had people spreading the word about his unique style of music. “That controlled falsetto, theatrical and tonal control that is ‘sublime’, to echo Mark Page’s words” ‘Michelle Dee’ “Yorkshire singer-songwriter Craig Dearing provides us with an emotive, flawless display on his latest piece, titled “Alone”. Armed with a killer voice, Craig keeps things incredibly simple here, opting for a subtle guitar backing, allowing his vocals to (rightly so) do the talking. Don’t let this talented dude fly under the radar for too much longer” ‘Lewis Ridley’ Tinman London Craig Dearing hails from Yorkshire and has one of the most emotive and beautiful voices I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to ‘Birinder’ Don’t need no melody



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