Delta Vega

Delta Vega Hull based rock trio DELTA VEGA pride themselves on their infectious melodies, projected from a solid, hard as nails, rock foundation. DELTA VEGA are one of the most involving and energetic bands you will see, having been compared to the likes of Foo Fighters, Feeder, Stereophonics, Placebo and Queens of the Stone Age. They are unashamed and fearless. The close friendship the band have had since childhood is evident in their LIVE performance and is recognised in their tight chemistry, creating an atmosphere that is lively, engaging and infectious. A band to listen to, but more importantly, one to watch.

Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online “…three piece, DELTA VEGA hit the stage with awesome pop-punk sounds. They execute a killer tune on stage with passion and involvement…” – Lizzies Lowdown.

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watch “… go mad and mental in celebration of Delta Vega new EP. … hits and banter are plenty. Tracks built for the live scene, especially festivals, where I could easily see the masses singing this along. The connection between all three works perfectly on and off stage. They show real passion through their live shows and make sure everyone is involved. Delta Vega prove themselves among their contemporaries and have the world ready to ‘Wake Up’ to this great British band.” – Lizzies Lowdown.



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