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Jaz Beeson

Jaz Beeson

Jaz Beeson is a 19-year-old Country and Americana songwriter. Hailing from the flats of Lincolnshire, she spent much of her childhood caring for miniature shetland ponies and writing songs on the side in daisy-stricken fields. She has now embarked upon London, where she is studying songwriting full time to fulfil her dreams.

Inspirations are simply …

“ABBARustonKellyMaisiePetersThe1975JJDraperLoriMcKennaMaggieRogersJadeBirdABBA(again)Joni MitchellLauraGoldthorppastacountrymusiccolourfulstationerythelincolnshirecoastlinefarmanimalstheleg

…. mixed up depending on how the wind blows.

Her debut single ‘Little Fish’ is an honest insight into her mind, and the conflict that comes with making the decision to follow her ambitions.



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