30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico in Jefferson County is the city of Beaumont TX the home of PURPLE the 3 piece thunderflash of rock excitement.

https://dna-awakening.org/ccm2m0ip “There’s an argument for this Boy/Girl/Boy three piece beig the best band in the world. And it goes like this ….Hailing from Beaumont, an Oil town in the eastern part of Texas, Purple’s debut album can be seen as ‘A PROTEST AGAINST CYNICISM and SADNESS IN ALL FORMS’. A bold claim and one duly made in capital letters for emphasis, but every single song on Purple’s debut sounds like an invite to the best party you’ve ever been to. Beach Buddy could soundtrack the opening scene in jaws if the Shark never turned up, while Target is the actual sound of a frown being turned upside down. The future’s Orange ? Wrong Colour mate …” KERRANG


For fans of … Sonic Youth, The Strokes and Royal Trux




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