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Sewer Rats

Sewer Rats Sewer rats are, it’s fair to say, the sort of bastard-son-of-Lemmy / Kyuss-worshipping hybrid that comes along every once in a blue moon to shake the underground out of its complacency. There’s a raucous energy about the band that sees the music leaping from the speakers with a vitality that is becoming increasingly rare and you can imagine from the moment that opening track ‘skint’ detonates like a high-explosive round that the band’s live performances will often feature at least as much blood as sweat and that the band themselves were born at the end of a whiskey bottle.

Buy Zolpidem Online Paypal RAW MEAT Magazine- The newest signing to Heavy Leather favourites FLUFFER RECORDS, Sewer Rats bring the noise with fast, overdriven blues and stomping beats. Heavy grooves, classic riffs and twisted rock n’ roll. Sewer Rats are a wonderful example of the British rock back catalogue being used to create something new. There are Motorhead heavy metal tempos and vocals, while the guitar solos crawled out from under a screeching grunge rock.

go to site FungalPunkNature – Sewer Rats treat us to some stoner rock blues of an intense variety. Grit the teeth, relax, grit the teeth, relax, get the picture? Intense threesome. Heavy, heavy blues. In the groove again but a driven groove. A young band who make an impression . Musicianship of a high order. A twitching body of tightness sucking you in. Relax its only paranoia. Of a slick, metal edged, grungy variety.



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