Slack Hand

Slack Hand A “slack hand” person works carelessly, sloppily, and yes, a little deceitfully.

Ambien Buying Online Slack Hand have been spending the past couple of months writing and crafting their set. They’ve had success in Hull playing to a full capacity audience at Dive Bar, princess AVE, in April and also the following month at Tower Ballroom. The band have also been in the studio to record a single which will be dropping soon Quotes: “When Slack Hand came on stage, they blew the roof off the ballroom. The performance was high-energy and their instrumentals were sublime. It was great to see a local band thriving in the new space, with the band looking completely at home as they burned through their set. By the time the gig had finished, the crowd were cheering and my ears were ringing, which can only be a good thing.” – Harry Ingham, life writer, Hull daily mail
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