Strange Bones

Strange Bones Strange Bones come from Blackpool, and Blackpool is Strange Bones. A town in Lancashire but a town not ‘part’of Lancashire. This is a town of total political autonomy, fiercely independent of mind, body and spirit. Not ‘part’of anything except itself. Strange Bones could come from nowhere else.


Buy Diazepam In Uk Online Like the town they hail from Strange Bones have seen a lot in their short history. Brought up with punk rock by a father who not only lived and breathed the world of punk, but filmed the whole thing too. John and Karen Bentham realised in the 80’s that somebody better capture all these bands coming through the North West, so set out with his cine camera to do just that. Filming everybody from the UK Subs to GBH, Black Flag to Throbbing Gristle, they filmed them all.

Buy Valium Legally When their boys came along they spent nights educating these wide-eyed kids to the magic of rock music played loud, fast but above all for a purpose. Do what you want boys, but do it because you believe in it. While you were watching Blue Peter, Strange Bones were watching Black Flag live from Leeds.

follow With this education and a belief in their talent, in their early teens they formed a punk-band and played nearly 1000 shows together around the world: Japan, US, Australia, Italy, Spain, Germany – played them all. Toured with Rancid, did a Maida Vale session and a Big Weekend for Radio 1. Had a Zane Lowe Hottest Record and won XFM Awards.

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Order Xanax Pills Online Then they stopped.

click In 2014, now still only in their early 20’s, Bob and Will Bentham teamed up with lifelong friend Stuart Newburn and formed Strange Bones. Just mates, playing punk rock music together in this most independent of British towns.

follow site Then they started again.


get link First comes ‘Sick of it All’(SOIA) a powerful slab of Blackpool Rock. But the music falls out of them: Marbles, Gods Girls, Dutch, God Save the Teen all towering melodies and deep riffs. Annie Mac plays the record, gigs start getting booked and Blackpool is on the road again.

follow url Strange Bones are a three piece from Blackpool. Bobby Bentham, vocals and guitar. Will Bentham, vocals and bass guitar and Stuart Newburn, drums. They are putting loud music out again, it’s worth listening to because it has a purpose. Their mum and dad are proud of them.



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