System Paralysis

System Paralysis Combining genres like Metal, Ska and Reggae with strong Punk undertones, System Paralysis have a distinctive sound which delivers powerfully on the stage.

source link Since forming in 2010, System Paralysis have conquered their local punk scene in Hull. They have played alongside bands such as: ‘English Dogs’, ‘UK Subs’, ‘Random Hand’, ‘Stiff Little Fingers’, ‘Leather Face’, and supported the ‘Freaks Union’ reunion-gig in 2015. Meanwhile they have performed at prestigious festivals such as: ‘Humber Street Sesh’, ‘Swinefest’, and ‘Tribfest’, each time with a brilliant reception. System Paralysis have also aired on local, national and international radio stations including: ‘Real Punk Radio’, ‘TNS Records Radio’ and ‘BBC Introducing’.

source url Currently promoting their third and most ambitious album yet – ‘Concrete Gore’ -System Paralysis are always looking to play anywhere in the UK, and planning on breaking into Europe soon.

follow link From solid thrashing punk jams, to complex melodic metal ballads, and a splash of punk-reggae/ska in between, System Paralysis push themselves to create something that stands out, yet remains of a three-piece at its core. They’re constantly working to improve their talent, instrumentally and vocally, and constantly in the studio writing new material.

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