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The Dyr Sister

The Dyr Sister

The Dyr Sister is really called Sally and is a classically trained Violist and Pianist with Grade 8 and 5 in her respective instruments. During her teens and early 20’s she spent a considerable amount of time playing in the City of Hull Youth Symphony Orchestra, becoming the principal violist and also spent 7 years in the Hull Philharmonic Orchestra. She also played in a number of string quartets and other small string groups.

She has always liked writing songs and showing off, but did not do this much until she had a life barney at college and dropped out, choosing instead to leave home and get a real persons job in a profession we shall not discuss here.

Instead of going off to university as expected (or even being bothered to turn up to college, or wake up before 5pm in the afternoon) she decided to hang around with like-minded people and found that her skills as a musician were in demand in Hull. 

Her first live performance with a band was at the legendary Monday night open mic night at The Adelphi Club (It was way past her bedtime) and it was then she realised that this was possibly the most fun she could possibly have and that she should do this on a regular basis.
Since then Sally (often affectionately, and formally, and also formerly known as Salbo Baggins) has been in a number of different bands as chronicled below:
Phonic Voices (Hip-Hop collective)
Awash with Antler (All-Girl Chicken toting box stomping freak folk)
The Rocky Nest (Super happy fun slide awesome 8 piece indie-pop band)
Organikarmonic (A stomping brew of various folk styles from around the world mixed with whomping bass-didj and sick breaks and beats)
The Glass Delusion (Art Rock!)
Rimbomband (Mexican based travelling minstrel band featuring some members of Organikarmonic)
She has also recorded music with, or guested at shows for:
Man-Made Noise, The Belle Collective (Now Goodnight Ohio), The Broken Orchestra, Pat D, The Romantic Cats, The Notebook, Kev la Kat (Love our Records), Safehouse Pictures, EndofLevelBaddie, We Are Salix
She has shared the same stage in her musical career with notable acts such as King Creosote, This is the Kit, Thomas Truax, Finley Quaye, Lach, Franz Nicolay, Curtis Eller, The Hillbilly Moon Explosion, Vic Rugierro and plenty more!
Sally has been performing loop pedal shows since late 2011 under the name of Salbo Baggins with her trusty viola, a mandolin and an array of things from her kitchen telling Fairytales for the Modern Gentleman to audiences in and around Hull. In early 2013 Sally ran away from her real persons job and became a travelling minstrel in Mexico for a few months… this experience was the death of Salbo Baggins and The Dyr Sister was created ready for her return to the UK. Since her return The Dyr Sister has been building up her out of town performances and is currently in the process of recording her debut album.



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