UZUMAKI Uzumaki is a 4-piece alt-rock band from London.

Buy Xanax 10 Mg Born out of a love for 90’s punk rock, bedroom band posters and the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series; Uzumaki have a knack for creating guitar-driven rock songs that are confessional yet enigmatic. Having released their high-energy debut single “Tired” via BBC Introducing in March 2021 (along with a performance music video), the band quickly gained the attention of slackers far and wide, providing a nostalgic and instantly recognisable score to their lives. Since it’s release, “Tired” has been featured on numerous playlists, had countless radio plays and become an instant classic in the punk-rock revival scene.

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watch The band quickly followed up with their second single “Screw Loose” which showcased a heavier aspect but all the while staying close to their romantic side. The track was released via independent zine “Real Tasty Music”. It also featured a homemade music video, displaying the band’s love for the DIY scene. Since forming in mid 2020, the band have worked hard to refine their live show and studio craft. Uzu have shown that they are serious about what they do; with a concise vision and an undeniable passion for – and experience with – their particular breed of anthemic college rock. All four members of the band, Alex Cheung, Nick Allen, Alex Fletcher and Conor Thompson grew up on the very same variety of bands, video games and movies that Uzumakl embodies in their sound today. Through their enticing live performances, the band have successfully shown that while they remain somewhat mysterious, there is certainly no shortage of material; Uzu is ready to explode.

source Sonically intimate 90’s-inspired colourful alternative rock.
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