Chest Pains

Chest Pains Chest Pains are the latest new project to emerge from Leeds’ CHUNK art-space.

Buy Alprazolam Powder A disused warehouse turned into a shared space for outsiders, vagabonds, and other such artists, it’s becoming a hub for the city’s music scene. “Leeds is great,” Calum Coleman says. “Everybody is very welcoming and we think of CHUNK as our home. The members and friends put on loads of gigs featuring bands you might not see in other venues and we provide a safe space for people to have fun!”

get link The band’s tough, torn DIY sound is scratchy but ultimately accomplished, honed across countless hours of practise resonating around CHUNK.

Buy Diazepam Amazon New single ‘Shame’ is an imposing introduction, with Chest Pains channelling the concise energy of Thee Oh Sees but with a very Northern sense of cynical wit.

Cheap Valium India “My inspirations lie within day-to-day social encounters that spark an emotion within me, whether that’s anger or anxiety” declares singer and guitarist Sammy Robinson. “As soon as that something happens I just write lyrics straight away. ‘Petrified’ is about a long-distance relationship whilst ‘Shame’ [the forthcoming flip side] refers to the narrow-minded people who live in my home town, the town itself and how it’s basically frozen in time.” Courtesy of Robin Murray from Clash Magazine 22 · 06 · 2017

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