see We are a 4 piece from the Driffield area. We started performing together when we were 14 and have kept it going until now, 5 years later. We have gone through a few styles but have matured into a fuzzy shogaze machine that uses layers of effects to give us a surf punk influenced alternative sound. We started out playing at the school and in the local pubs. We can now say that we’ve played a variety of gigs, from small pubs to packed pubs at Springboard Festival. We’ve also played on the stage at Bridlington Spa twice – the first time in a Battle of the Bands in 2014 that we won and returning the following year to play as the previous winners. And more recently in August we were invited to play a live session and do an interview with Alan Raw on his BBC Radio Humberside Show. Half the band is currently at university however we are making time to carry on practising and creating and playing gigs.

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