KIIING Fusing dub with house to garage with ambient beats, KIIING’s productions are a true reflection of his time spent away from the UK. The keen listener will uncover subtle recordings of the chaotic streets of urban Asia. With a deliberate emphasis on overproduction, each track feels full, dark and atmospheric.

go to site KIING’s philosophy is making music free and available to everyone. He released his first single aptly titled ‘Buddha’ through Hull’s very own free download label – Love Our Records; gaining praise for his mantra that is disorganised structure. KIIING is currently strengthening his armoury of new productions for staggered releases throughout 2015, building up to his live shows in the summer where his sound will greet you like clay and water. KIIING’s journey comes through crumbling shacks built by broken bone, through the streets that kids chase insects and roam. In summer 2015, KIIING is coming home.

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