‘Thoughtful, confident and VERY special…This is a 5 track love letter to your ears that gorgeously combines elements of jazz, indie-slackness and beautifully imagined instrumentation with thoughtful lyrics and fantastic female vocals…There’s a lush pace to all this that’s really free too…One’s to watch and I expect big things..Recommended!’ – Jumbo Records on ‘Speak/Easy’


https://totlb.com/uncategorized/wrbqccboak8 ‘Off beat drums combined with angelic vocals. This band won’t be playing small venues for long.’ – Hidden and Unplugged

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Ordering Zolpidem Online ‘Topsy turvey guitars, dreamy vocals. Dynamic power and control with maybe a hint of Lætitia Sadier’ – Pleasure Grounds

‘Dreamy alt-rock inspired by the likes of Radiohead and St Vincent.’ – Strange Parade


https://nicomuhly.com/news/2023/ephc3ux ‘Chic and moody Jazzy Trip-hop’ – Cloth Cat




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