https://fladefenders.org/je7ucot95fb When The Sesh started back in 2002, we had a roster of around 20 bands that played on rotation most months. Roll on 2018 and we have hundreds to choose from and a huge waiting list to play Sesh.

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https://www.tuscaroracountryclub.net/wgzatj2vrd Back in our early days, there were certain bands in the city that seemed destined for greatness, and one such band was a band called TURISMO. Feted as Hull’s answer to Blur and fronted by the enigmatic Paul Baggot, they graced many stages and festivals across the land throughout the noughties, and were considered one of the most loved bands of a generation in Hull.


Their two album’s ‘Too Tall For Fashion’ and ‘Too Small For Passion’ were critically acclaimed and gave us ‘scene’ anthems that still stand the test of time today – such classics as ‘Chinese Tortures’, ‘Rabbi to Rabbi’, ‘Good Enough To Eat’. ‘Break The Law’ and many many more.

Generic Ambien Online Cheap Turismo set about getting the kids of Hull dancing with their music. Touring the UK with the like of Hull brothers The Paddingtons.


https://lewishamcyclists.org.uk/xg3t9keiag An ever changing line up of instruments and members from 2006 and a number of hiatus’ later the original four of Baggott, Symonds, Prest and Hobson are writing new material.



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