Young Monarch

Young Monarch ‘Manchester six-piece Young Monarch are quick rising stars. Playing an addictive blend of ambient pop and post-rock, these guys draw you into their world and keep you hanging on every word’ -English Rain Sheffield

‘It’s rare for a band to be so sonically ambitious in what they’re doing, yet have such immediate hooks in their songs, but Young Monarch achieve both and do it with a style that will stand them in good stead.”- Even The Stars’ ‘A blissful combination of classical instruments and silky smooth vocal… Young Monarch peddle a kind of post-pop that’s as confident as it is delicate’- Scruff of the Neck Records ‘An engaging blend of ambient sounds, classical instruments and soulful vocals that truly captivates and serves to distinguish the band’ – Music gigs n’ things ‘Witnessing all the best elements of indie and alt-rock… This is definitely a bunch to keep your eye on’- SharpShooter

Ambien Order ‘Young Monarch are SPECIAL… one of the most exciting headliners we could have asked for!’- Concentus Music

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