Young Jack

Young Jack

go site Formed in 2012, Young Jack is a 4 piece Indie/Rock/funk band from Hull, East Yorkshire. They play an exciting upbeat style of indie pop with catchy sing along choruses, funky rhythm section and driving guitar tones Intricate guitars are the staple of Young Jack’s sound. For a group that have been together such a short time, Young Jack already have a brilliantly refined sound – which goes a long way to ensure that they are being taken seriously.- Wes Foster (Ten Foot City)

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click here “When you watch Young Jack and see a prime example of young talent unfettered by the restrictions of expectation. They’re not pretending to be someone else. They are performers of a different era – you can hear over forty years worth of quality music in their sound. Young Jack have taken the best of generations gone by and made the sound their own.” – Dave Adamson (Browse Mag)



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