28th August 2018

Young Jack

https://grannysglasses.com/?p=kjr5t82xo A charismatic, young four piece all called Young Jack. An Indie/Rock/Funk band from Hull. They play an exciting upbeat style of indie pop with catchy sing along choruses, funky rhythm section and driving guitar tones.

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Glass Diamonds

follow site Songwriting ingenuity, vocal prowess and keen musicianship in hand, Glass Diamonds are a 6 piece band that deliver piano-led foot-stomping pop with aplomb. Memorable melodic choruses are infused with a theatric exuberance and exhilarating energy.


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Slim Tubby & The Vitamin D’s

https://restoreredspruce.org/2024/05/13/0o66ognatf Are an eight piece band and it’s all about the groove. Theye’ve been playing as a band for 3 years now and they are all about the happy vibe. They cover all styles of music blues, funk, jazz, reggae and much more.


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