2nd January

The Resonance, Jackson D, Vialetters

9th January

The Escape Artist, Serotones, Rivers Johansson & The Deemed Unrighteous

16th January

Dirty Halo, Lightspeed Lover, James Woods, Mr Sneaks

23rd January

Let Man Loose, Brooders, Rectifier

30th January

The Howl & The Hum, Pavey Ark


6th February

Bud Sugar, The Broken Orchestra, Kumiko

13th February

Avalanche Party, Strange Bones, Nour

20th February

Chambers, Calva Louise, My Pleasure

27th February

Three Day Millionaires, Glass Mountain, Sam Johnson


6th March

Faux Pas, Party Hardly, Tom Skelly & The Cool Seas

13th March

Nineties Boy, Dylan Cartlidge, Cameo Brooks, Kitty VR

20th March

No Nothings, Brosnan

27th March

Cannibal Animal, Chest Pains, Joe Russell Brown


3rd April

Thee Deadtime Philharmonic, Slow Riot, Delta Vega

10th April

BDRMM, Bloodhound

17th April

Of Allies, Last Of The Wonder Kids, Fallen Idol

24th April

Chiedu Oraka, Live Lans, Marx


1st May

endoflevelbaddie, Fire (The Unstoppable Force), My Fake Empire

8th May

BlackWaters, Kit Trigg, Yasmin Coe

15th May

The Evil Litter, Cosmo Calling, Codex, Second Place

22nd May

Counting Coins, Hot Soles, Rei Gyaamie

29th May

Mauritia, Mint, Your Illuminations


5th June

Robocobra Quartet, Team Picture, Serial Chiller

12th June

Polo, Ambiere, Finno

19th June

Late Night Marauders, White Eskimo, El Whaeko

26th June

Matt Edible & The Obtuse Angels, HVMM, King’s Horses


3rd July

Sex Injuries, MK Ultra, Foolish Atoms

10th July

Bull, Dead Naked Hippies, King Orange

17th July

Lumer, Hotel Lux, Polevaulter

24th July

The Froot, The Piper, Sightmares

31st July

Crooked Weather


7th August

The Schizophonics, The Black Lagoons, Apparition

14th August

Bloodhound, Sonnets, The Avenues

21st August

Faux Pas, Crush, Seal Pup

28th August

Young Jack, Glass Diamonds, Slim Tubby & The Vitamin D’s


4th September

Remenitions, Bloodsport, Still

11th September

Brosnan, Peeping Drexels, Jay Fraser

18th September

Black Lime, Turismo, The Scrubs

25th September

Fonda 500, Dense, Freek


2nd October

Joe Russell Brown, Liberty Ship, Aimee Duncan

9th October

Rei Gyaamie, Heir, Little Blue Thula

16th October

El Whaeko, The Mysterines, Evie Barrand

23rd October

Tom Skelly & The Cool Seas, Lola & The Cosmic Getaway

30th October

No Nothings, Dead Naked Hippies, Trueman & The Indoor League


6th November

Sheafs, Rectifier, The Vida Cult

13th November

Pearls Cab Ride, Grinny Grandad, King Orange

20th November

Everyone You Know, Church of Non Believers

27th November

The Holy Orders, Audrey, King’s Horses


4th December

Serial Chiller, Lucia, Kitty VR

11th December

Thom Artway, Jack Conman, Alice Simmons

18th December

The Avenues, Hot Soles, Grace Christiansen

24th December

Bloodsport, Dead Hormones, Brosnan
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