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29th January

Three Day Millionaires, Dense, Vains


5th February

Low Hummer, Bull, Trueman & The Indoor League

12th February

Young Jack, Ormstons, Girl Afraid

19th February

Japanese Television, Swedish Magazines, Brooders

26th February

Bloodhound, Blank Atlas, Finno


5th March

No Nothings, Ist Ist

12th March

BDRMM, The Vida Cult, Codex

19th March

Dead Naked Hippies, Tranqua Lite, Helter

26th March

The Broken Orchestra, Mahatma Raindrop, Joe Russell Brown


2nd April

The Froot, Late Night Marauders, Rafael Mendes-Browne

9th April

The Evil Litter, Girls In Synthesis, Far Caspian, Evie Barrand

16th April

Let Man Loose, Heir, Leave The Light On

23rd April

Team Picture, Kitty VR

30th April

Cannibal Animal, Rectifier, The Cartels


7th May

Mint, The Seamonsters, Glass Diamonds

14th May

NewMeds, 99% Cobra, Freek

21st May

Mauritia, Mugen, Amy May Ellis

28th May

The Black Delta Movement, Sea Legs, Aimee Duncan


4th June

Serial Chiller, China Moon, Reardon Love

11th June

Fonda 500, Cosmo Calling, My Fake Empire

18th June

La Rissa, Tallsaint, Talk More

25th June

Faux Pas, Gay Girl, Beach Riot


2nd July

King Orange, Luxury Stranger, My Pleasure

9th July

Audrey, Vains, Little Blue Thula

16th July

The Escape Artist, Cutting Teeth, Yeti Hunter

23rd July

Vialetters, Toothpaste, Spilt Milk

30th July

Dividium, The Howlers, Follow Deep


6th August

King’s Horses, Talkboy, Lime Street Social

13th August

The Froot, La Chinoise, Priestgate

20th August

No Nothings, The Empty Page, Wuzi

27th August

Crooked Weather, Oh Papa, Katie Spencer


3rd September

Brosnan, Tranqua Lite, Holly Blackshaw

10th September

The Avenues, The Vida Cult, The Waah-Kin Tribe

17th September

Waste Of Paint, Jack Conman, Listening Club

24th September

The Black Lagoons, Mother Vulture, Yasmin Coe


1st October

Witch Of The East, The Cartels, Last Of The Wonder Kids

8th October

Mint, SPQR, Little Blue Thula

15th October

Crush, Grace Christiansen, EUT

22nd October

The Evil Litter, Martha Hill, Koyo, Imogen Hart

29th October

Pearls Cab Ride, B-ahwe, Kitty VR


5th November

Girl Afraid, Sister Ray, Helter

12th November

Young Jack, The Golden Age Of TV, Talk More

19th November

Bloodhound, Dutch Mustard, King Orange

26th November

Bull, Kashmere, Lucy Tessier


3rd December

Fever, Caro, Aimee Duncan

10th December

Fire (The Unstoppable Force), MAAD // HEVVY

17th December

endoflevelbaddie, Lola & The Cosmic Getaway, Drooligan

24th December

Lumer, BDRMM

31st December

Cannibal Animal, Priestgate, Maratimes
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