Every Tuesday at The Polar Bear

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30th July 2024

Sun King

Bringing the sunshine and maybe a touch of the Seventies back in a fresh and celebratory manner, York band Sun King are a breath of fresh air Come bask in the warmth of the Sun King. Led by Seb Byford (previously of Naked Six), the band have an electric energy about them earning them a […]

Atom of Lunar

Hailing from Hull, UK, Atom of Lunar is a sensational psychedelic 4-piece band that has taken the music scene by storm. With a unique blend of modern, dreamy, and progressive compositions spanning across various genres, the band has captured the hearts and minds of listeners far and wide. Comprising talented musicians Charlie Mitchell, Cam Todd, […]

Amy Bell

Amy Bell is a 21 year old singer songwriter based in Yorkshire. She began performing to audiences at 17 with nothing but a guitar and a distinctive voice, playing original songs and a few pop/alternative covers. With a unique voice and a knack for writing memorable choruses, Amy is one to watch and has a […]

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