Every Tuesday at The Polar Bear

FREE ENTRY, 18+, DJs until 2.30am

23rd July 2024

Part Time Model

PART-TIME MODEL is the brainchild of five of Leeds’ most exciting multi-talented musicians: Lucy Tessier, Benjamin Smith, Rafael Mendes-Brown, Charlie Isaac, and Charlie Wilberforce. Hailing from diverse regions across the UK, the band was formed in the heart of West Yorkshire in the spring of 2022. Armed with an evocative lyrical flare, and fusion of […]


Welcome to the TRIIIP, an electrifying alternative rock trio hailing from Manchester (UK) with roots in Johannesburg (SA), offering a fresh sonic adventure that defies genre boundaries. Combining pulsating electronic beats with in-your-face guitar riffs and emotive vocals, TRIIIP pushes the limits of traditional rock, inviting listeners on a journey through new sonic landscapes.

The Happy Endings

Melodic, melancholic, harmonious, joyous. Female vocals, mostly acoustic Hull band with a bagful of original numbers.

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