THE SESH APRIL 2024! Spring into action because this April, The Sesh is back at the Polar Bear Music Club with another fantastic lineup of bands and artists every Tuesday!

go site APRIL 2ND
11PM – Marx
10PM – Meek
9PM – Kreye APRIL 9TH
11PM – Getdown Services
10PM – Bleach
9PM – Jackson D Order Xanax 2Mg APRIL 16TH
11PM – Matt Edible & The Obtuse Angels
10PM – Bloodworm
9PM Sarge source APRIL 23RD
10PM – Bungalow
9PM – Winter Garden

source url APRIL 30TH
11PM – Slow Team
10PM – Femur
9PM – Plumseed

get link ARTWORK: Joseph Cox Posted: 6th March 2024

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