16th November 2021

Fire (The Unstoppable Force)

source url Born in the deep, dark, depths of Kingstown (Upon Hull) this four piece outfit play a post apocalyptic brand of dark soul garage that will break your mind.

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Yasmin Coe

https://emduk.org/0jp1olu Hailing from Hull but now based in Manchester, singer/songwriter Yasmin Coe infuses 60’s flower power with shoegaze to create her own brand of indie pop. “A sweet of indie-popping goodness, cottoned in plumes of come-of-age candy, Yasmin Coe blushes with wry retrospection and disclosures of self-reservation” – So Young Magazine


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Buy Cheap Valium Online Leeds powerhouse rockers RAE. Originally named Ørmstons, the band left their indie-pop ways behind them and have come back with a new rebellious attitude – taking influence from the likes of Marmozets and Yonaka


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