31st October 2023


go here Velkro fuse the dark, atmospheric sound of gothic rock with the lush and dreamy sound of shoegaze. Their music is influenced by bands such as The Cure, Warpaint and My Bloody Valentine. This produces haunting, melodic songs with a twist of melancholy and mystery.


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Tea Eater

https://menteshexagonadas.com/2024/01/31/pt404vb No one’s more fun in the post (or present) apocalypse than Tea Eater. Fronted by Tarra Thiessen of Gustaf and Sharkmuffin, the New York City-based art punk band’s made significant waves with frenetic performances, surf-rock-on-Neptune grooves and sucker punch tracks about hating the DMV. Their debut LP “Obsession,” produced and mixed by Drew Vandenburg (Bambara/Faye […]


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Bug Facer

go here Bug Facer entered Hull’s local music scene, ready to make music for cave people to grind bones, gnaw at rocks and howl around a fire pit to. Consisting of James Cooper, Will Longton, Tom Steel, and Josh Burdett, they aim to deafen audiences with pure and primal grit and emotion.

Zolpidem Tartrate Purchase

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