Every Tuesday at The Polar Bear

FREE ENTRY, 18+, DJs until 2.30am

23rd April 2024


O’Phantom are an alt indie collective from Hull, UK who merge The Cure-esque songwriting sensibilities with Broadcast inspired synths. Born out of a love of The Pixies with a fondness for tape music, the band found their home at DIY venues within the city, performing in various bands at the Adelphi, and working together at […]


5 piece indie/dreampop from that there Scunthorpe. Bungalow is the ‘brainchild’ of Joe Russell-Brown. Continuing to work in his home studio (a bungalow), Bungalow comes from the want to be seen as a band and explore different sounds within that realm. Fronted by the effervescent Joe Russell Brown, Bungalow have set off at an incredible […]

Tony Beacock

Tony Beacock is an up and coming country music artist from the outskirts of Hull, making a name for himself playing many local venues including Spit It Out and has recently joined Bloody B*stards.

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