Every Tuesday at The Polar Bear

FREE ENTRY, 18+, DJs until 2.30am

9th July 2024

The Black Ravines

THE BLACK RAVINES are an embellishment of the underground scene plucking soundscapes from icons such as Joy Division, Queens of The Stone Age and Billy Idol before soldering them together effortlessly with a more modern flux of contemporaries such as The Blinders & shame. THE BLACK RAVINES scale the cavernous ravine like depths in which […]

Ava in the Dark

Ava in the Dark, an Alternative Rock and Dream-Gaze band from Leeds, UK, led by the Welsh dreamy vocalist and producer Kiera Bickerstaff. —Tommie James on guitars/production, Izzy Hobbs on bass, and Emma Liu joins us live on drums—embraces influences, blending modern rock, shoegaze alt-rock with manipulated guitar ambiences, and danceable beats.

Trouser Dress

Trouser Dress is an artist that isn’t afraid to put themselves out there and share deeply personal stories with a delicacy that is heartwarming to watch. Their songs are as catchy as they are poignant. They may even fly off on tangents between songs, lovingly over-sharing information relating to their current hyper fixation.

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