2nd June 2015

Native Braves

https://lewishamcyclists.org.uk/mo42i8a Native Braves are a distinctly unique, indie/alternative quartet who combine eerie melodies, stirring choruses and powerful rhythm sections to create a passionate sound reminiscent of influences peace and foals.

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Attack The Embassy

https://nicomuhly.com/news/2023/yt4ub3tq3 Attack The Embassy are an alt/punk three piece, mixing catchy melodies with distorted guitars and upbeat chunky choruses

https://filmsofnepal.com/ozsp1r1i Read more…

The Demimondaines

High energy, multi-stylistic music from The Demimondaines. Founded in Scarborough U.K.


https://www.fesn.org/?gyt=s7c68h0x Read more…

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