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6th January

Vulgarians, Attack The Embassy, Nothing’s Happening

13th January

Mighty & The Moon, Sea Of Wires, Crooked Weather, Jack Conman

20th January

Streaming Lights, And The Hangnails, Magic Carpet Factory

27th January

Pearls Cab Ride, Polo, Kev La Kat


3rd February

Adam Brodie, Jody McKenna, Emily Moulton, Katie Spencer

10th February

Messengers, Izzy Thomas

17th February

Masses, Chiedu Oraka, Myonemanband

24th February

Ming City Rockers, Mothers, Baby Tooth


3rd March

endoflevelbaddie, Nineties Boy, The Hotspur Press

10th March

Purple, We Are Carnivores, Less Deceived

17th March

The Holy Orders, Thee Deadtime Philharmonic, Sex Injuries

24th March

The Shed Club, Dirty Sterling, The Magdalenes, Mr Sneaks

31st March

The Madisons, Deadwall, The Talkdown


7th April

The Evil Litter, Felony, The Supersonic Jets

14th April

Fronteers, Knuckle, My Pleasure

21st April

La Bête Blooms, Dead Hormones, Vulgarians

28th April

Delta Vega, Secateurs, Young Jack


5th May

La Petite Mort, Asio’s Eyes, Rivers Johansson & The Deemed Unrighteous, Denim Turtles

12th May

Oedipus the King, Forever Cult, Rebel Sell

19th May

Audio Subscene, Avalanche Party, The Velvet Dolls

26th May

System Paralysis, Headless Hangman, Left Ahead


2nd June

Native Braves, Attack The Embassy, The Demimondaines

9th June

Liberatae Mae, Less Deceived

16th June

Clay, The Hubbards, Breeze

23rd June

Of Allies, Parka, Eastwood

30th June

Streaming Lights, Fronteers, Coaves


7th July

Danny Landau Band, Skinny Living

14th July

The Black Delta Movement, Bull, Fire (The Unstoppable Force)

21st July

The Dogwood Flowers, Retrospectives, Emily Moulton

28th July

No Nothings, Mexanines, Street Urchin


4th August

The Quicksilver Kings, Farewell Fairground, Jack Conman

11th August

The Holy Orders, Narcs, Copenhagen

18th August

Horseguards Parade, Felony, Think Tank

25th August

Ming City Rockers, La Petite Mort, Dirty Halo


1st September

Liberatae Mae, Dividium, RUNoffthestatic

8th September

Oedipus the King, Affairs, The Magdalenes, Kenny Barker

15th September

The Madisons, The Roaring 420’s, The Froot, Rowland & Rae

22nd September

The Talkdown, The Barmines

29th September

Cannibal Animal, The Orielles, Serial Chiller


6th October

Crooked Weather, The Happy Endings, Rivers Johansson & The Deemed Unrighteous

13th October

Actor, Polo, The Body Farmers

20th October

Dephot, Denim Turtles

27th October

Young Jack, Orphan Boy, Jackson D


3rd November

Nineties Boy, Years Young, The Resonance

10th November

The Colour Line, Sex Injuries, Age of Atlas

17th November

We Are Carnivores, Of Allies, Sirens in the Delta

24th November

Audio Subscene, Bull, Helter


1st December

Breeze, Three Day Millionaires, Church of Non Believers

8th December

Ming City Rockers, Avalanche Party, Black Lime

15th December

endoflevelbaddie, King No One, And The Hangnails

22nd December

Dead Hormones, The Mexanines, Streaming Lights, Yasmin Coe

29th December

Bud Sugar, Street Urchin, Attack The Embassy
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