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5th January

The Velvet Dolls, Joker, Room 22

12th January

The Quicksilver Kings, Wake Up In Vegas, Jack Conman

19th January

Eastwood, Marsicans, Late Night Marauders

26th January

Vulgarians, Colour Of Spring, Craig Dearing


2nd February

Waste Of Paint, Emily Moulton, Jody McKenna, Brodie Milner

9th February

The Talkdown, Odd Rival, Magic Carpet Factory

16th February

El Whaeko, Lake Komo, Casey Lowry

23rd February

Wayward Suns, Superglu, Hannah Brumby


1st March

Copenhagen, The Luka State, King Orange

8th March

Felony, Orchid Family, Mom

15th March

Three Day Millionaires, Light Therapy

22nd March

No Nothings, The Evil Litter, Sewer Rats

29th March

The Madisons, Junk, Indigo Bones


5th April

Mighty & The Moon, Nicole Moore

12th April

Pearls Cab Ride, Zozo, Sea Of Wires

19th April

Oedipus the King, Maybelleen, Lumer

26th April

Dead Hormones, False Advertising, Serial Chiller


3rd May

Streaming Lights, Sister Strange, Luuna

10th May

The Holy Orders, Secateurs

17th May

Cannibal Animal, Forever Cult, The Queen Riots

24th May

King No One, Kumiko

31st May

White Orchid, Rinse, Emma Fee


7th June

Chiedu Oraka, Prose, Jack Conman

14th June

Of Allies, Myoke, Delta Vega

21st June

Avalanche Party, Mint, Street Urchin

28th June

Young Jack, Years Young, Shivering Wave


5th July

Life, The Orielles, Waives, John Copley

12th July

Crooked Weather, The QC Shanty Choir, Katie Spencer

19th July

Less Deceived, Fire (The Unstoppable Force), Pavey Ark

26th July

Of Allies, The Loving Memory, Soul of a Leader


2nd August

La Bête Blooms, Mums, Honeyskull

9th August

The Froot, The Black Lagoons, Urban Rain

16th August

Sex Injuries, Three Day Millionaires, Room 22

23rd August

Laurel Canyons, Delamere, Wake Up In Vegas

30th August

Ming City Rockers, And The Hangnails, The Schoolgirls


6th September

Imogen Hart, Nineties Boy, Smiling Ivy, Rich Stephenson

13th September

Black Lime, Colour Of Spring, Chambers

20th September

The Black Delta Movement, Team Picture, DWAS

27th September

Liberatae Mae, The Escape Artist, The Body Farmers


4th October

The Hubbards, Marsicans, Wake Up In Vegas

11th October

Age of Atlas, Eyre Llew, Bloodhound

18th October

Laurel Canyons, El Whaeko

25th October

Sister Strange, Audio Subscene, Brahma-Loka


1st November

Dead Hormones, Sewage Farm, Serial Chiller

8th November

Waste Of Paint, Indigo Velvet

15th November

Dephot, Pavey Ark

22nd November

Mastiff, Falls, Cassia

29th November

Grinny Grandad, Jack Conman, Live Lans


6th December

Slowcoaches, Lumer, DWAS

13th December

The Hillbilly Troupe, Pearls Cab Ride, Loudhailer Electric Company

20th December

endoflevelbaddie, Polo, Luuna

27th December

Cannibal Animal, False Advertising, Chambers, The Froot
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