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30th May 2017

Black Lime

Black Lime are a honey-dipped Rock & Roll outfit with a touch of jazz, comprised of 4 members, based in Hull. You can check us out at a selection of upcoming gigs, or keep your ear to the ground for some songs dropping in the near future.

Thee Deadtime Philharmonic

Who are Thee Deadtime Philharmonic ? They are the they, the them. The dispossessed. The disillusioned. The bastard sons..the single mums. Filed under scum.

The Dead Beats

A band of (non music) students at Hull Uni. We played a house party and a couple of other gigs, but we finally found our feet on the 31st May at The Sesh. We’re a rock and roll band, influenced by the likes of The Rolling Stones, The Strokes, The Clash and The Velvet Underground. […]

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